Board Meeting Details

Pharr Housing Authority

The Pharr Housing Authority was created on July 12, 2005 for the benefit of, to perform certain functions of, to carry out the purposes of, and to act as an instrumentality of the Pharr Housing Authority.  The Corporation was sponsored and created by the Pharr Housing Authority Board, under the Public Facility Corporation Act with the broadest possible powers to assist it to acquire, construct, rehabilitate, renovate, repair, equip, furnish, finance, refinance, and place in service public facilities of the Pharr Housing Authority for public use in the public interest.


Frank Nunez


Mario Lizcano

Vice Chairman

Uvaldo N. Gutierrez III


IMG_2995 8x10Artemio Palacios


Deborah Lopez

Resident Commissioner

Marissa Carranza Hernandez


Noel De Leon