Application Process:

Placed on the waiting list:

A waiting list must be maintained because the number of applications exceeds the number of vouchers available. Once the waiting list is closed, PHA will not accept additional applications because there are enough applications to fill anticipated openings within a twelve (12) to eighteen (18) month period. The following documentation is required when submitting the pre-application:

  1. Original certified birth certificate
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Income verifications for all members of the household
  4. Photo ID for all adults (18+) members of the household

From the same waiting list, we will select applicants for the Project Based Voucher Units with the following criteria:

  • applicant 62 years of age or older
  • applicant 55 years of age or older
  • applicant who has a disability as defined in 24 CFR 5.403

Therefore, these applicants who do not qualify may have a longer wait to receive assistance.

Final application/screening process:

When the applicant’s name comes up on the waiting list, they will be notified to schedule an application interview to begin the process of completing the final application. The information provided to PHA by the applicant will then be verified for accuracy and eligibility.

How Much Do I Pay?

Payment: The formula used in determining the tenant’s rental payment is the following:

  • 30% of monthly adjusted income (after allowed deduction)
  • 10% of monthly gross income
  • $50 minimum